Longitudinal Barrier Systems, Designator Nomenclature

S - SystemG - GuardrailM - Median Barrier01 - 99a - z
R - Roadside Barrier

For example, SGR20a is a System that is a Guardrail for Roadside applications.

Longitudinal Barriers added in 2022

SGR74a, Pinned Cross-Bolt F-Shaped Concrete Traffic Barrier

Longitudinal Barriers added in 2021

SGR72a, Traffic Barrier with Soundwall System, MASH TL-3

SGM44a, Sentryline-M Wire Rope Barrier, Level Terrain

SGR25, Culvert-Mounted Strong-Post MGS (updated to MASH compliance)

Longitudinal Barriers added or revised in 2020

SGR71a, ACRYLITE Soundstop TL-4 Noise Barrier System

SGM43b, Gibraltar Global TL-3 Cable Barrier System, 4H:1V Slope

SGM32a, SAFENCE Cable Barrier in 4H:1V Sloped Medians

SGM36a, CASS S3 on 4H:1V Slopes TL-3

SGM36b, CASS S3 on Level Terrain TL-4

SGM37a, Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence O-Post MASH Level Terrain

SGM43a, Gibraltar Global TL-4 Cable Barrier System, Level Terrain


SGR03a, Box-Beam Guiderail MASH TL-3

SGR68, PennDOT W-Beam Guiderail over Underground Structure

SGM43a, Gibraltar Global TL-4 Cable Barrier System

SGR55a, Steel-Post MGS with Omitted Post

SGR55b, Wood-Post MGS with Omitted Post

SGR56, Weak-Post W-Beam Guardrail in Asphalt Mow Strip

SGR57, Weak-Post W-Beam Guardrail in Concrete Mow Strip

SGR58, Pedestrian Rail

Longitudinal Barriers added in 2019

SGR33e, Nu-Guard-31 Roadside Barrier, 5-lb Post

SGR67, RamShield W-Beam Barrier System

Longitudinal Barriers added in 2018

SGM39, RESTORE Longitudinal Barrier

SGR33d, Nu-Guard-31 Roadside Barrier, 4-lb Post

SGR66, Road Safety Barrier Roller System, Model ETI-GR02-TL4

Significant Updates in 2018

SGR02b, Modified Weak-Post W-Beam Guardrail (Posted FHWA Eligibility Letter B-305 for MASH TL-3 compliance.)