Slip-Safe U-Channel Sign Support

System Type: Slipbase (S)
Test Specification: NCHRP Report 350
*Max Legs: 3
Manufacturer: Nucor Steel Marion, Inc.
Contact: Steve Conway
Drawing Status: Review Complete
FHWA Eligibility Letter: ss69a

* Max Legs is the maximum number of legs allowed within a 7' [2.13m] path. Additional legs may be allowable if they are spaced greater than 7' [2.13m] apart.

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All content is provided for informational purposes only. The Task Force 13 Guide to Standardized Roadside Hardware and its contents do not constitute a standard, specification, or regulation. The details in this guide only address the crash performance of the sign support system. Users should verify that the system is adequate for the anticipated wind, gravity and other live and dead loads before using this system.