Transition Systems, Designator Nomenclature

S - SystemT - TransitionB - Bridge Rail-to-Guardrail01 - 99a - z
C - Cable Barrier-to-Guardrail
G - Guardrail-to-Guardrail
R - Crash Cushion-to-Guardrail

For example, STB01a is a System that is a Transition for Bridge Rail-to-Guardrail applications.

Transition Systems added in 2022

STG11a, Weak-Post to Strong-Post W-Beam Guardrail Transition

Transition Systems added in 2020

STB14, Alaska MASH 2-Tube Bridge Rail Transition

STB13, Modified Hawaii Thrie-Beam Approach Guardrail Transition

STG10, ETI USA Thrie-Beam to ETI Roller Barrier Transition

STR02, SafeZone to SLED Transition

Transition Systems added in 2019

STG08b, QMB - Concrete Reactive-Tension System - Fiber Barrier Transition

STG09, BG800 to HighwayGuard LDS Transition

Transition Systems added in 2018

STG05, Midwest Guardrail System (MGS) to PCB Transition

STG06, Metal Transition for Branching Concrete Barrier

STR01, HV2 Barrier Transition to Crash Cushion

STG07, Safety Roller Barrier Transition to W-Beam Guardrail

STG08a, QMB - Concrete Reactive-Tension System Transition