Work Zone Systems, Designator Nomenclature

S - SystemW - Work ZoneC - Concrete Barrier01 - 99a - z
M - Miscellaneous
S - Steel Barrier
T - Truck/Trailer-Mounted Attenuator
W - Water-Filled Barrier

For example, SWC01a is a System that is for use in Work Zones and is a Concrete Barrier.

Work Zone Systems added in 2022

SWC29a, REBLOC 120FA_6_SF TL-3

SWC29b, REBLOC 120FA_6_SF TL-5

Work Zone Systems added in 2021


SWC28b, REBLOC 80SAH_12_8B

SWC28c, REBLOC 80SAH_12 to 80SAH_12_8B Transition

SWC26, FLUX Movable Concrete Barrier

Work Zone Systems added in 2020

SWW22a, Lo-Ro Water Cable Barrier

SWM20a, MBT-1 Mobile Barrier TL-3

SWM20b, MBT-1 Mobile Barrier TL-2

SWC27, JJ-Hook Retrofit V4

SWS21d, SafeZone MASH TL-4 Limited Deflection

SWW21a, ArmorZone Barrier MASH TL-2

SWS27a, HighwayGuard TL-3

SWS27b, HighwayGuard TL-4

SWT05, SMT Trailer-Mounted Attenuator

SWT04, SS180M Truck-Mounted Attenuator

SWT01c, Scorpion II Metro

SWS26b, HighwayGuard LDS TL-4

Work Zone Systems added in 2019

SWC01d, QuickChange Moveable Barrier Concrete Reactive-Tension System - Fiber Series

SWT01a, Scorpion II Truck-Mounted Attenuator

SWT01b, Scorpion II Trailer Attenuator

SWT02, TTMA-200 Trailer-Mounted Attenuator

SWT03, Verdegro BLADE TMA

SWS26a, HighwayGuard LDS

Work Zone Systems added in 2018

SWC01c, RTS Guard

SWC02d, J-J Hooks MASH Free-Standing Barrier


SWW20c, Sentry II Water Cable Barrier

SWS21a, SafeZone MASH TL-3 Standard

SWS21b, SafeZone MASH TL-3 Limited Deflection

SWS21c, SafeZone MASH TL-4 Standard

SWS21d, SafeZone MASH TL-4 Limited Deflection

SWS22a, Defender Barrier 70

SWS22b, Defender Barrier 100 FS

SWS23b, BarrierGuard 800 MASH TL-3 Standard

SWS23a, BarrierGuard 800 MASH TL-3 Minimum Deflection

SWS24, QuickChange Moveable Barrier Steel Reactive-Tension System

SWC02e, J-J Hooks 6m F-Shape Free-Standing TCB

SWS06a, BarrierGuard 800 MASH TL-3

SWS06b, BarrierGuard 800 MDS MASH TL-3

SWS22c, Defender Barrier 100 HC

SWS22d, Defender Barrier 100 LDS

SWS25, HV2 Barrier