Task Force 13 - Mission
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Mission, Goals & Objectives

The mission of Task Force 13 is to develop, recommend, and promote standards for bridge and road hardware to ensure optimum function, aesthetics, and economy.

Currently Task Force 13 is working toward completing ten near term goals. The effort to accomplish these goals is delegated to ten active subcommittees which have developed mission statements. These subcommittees are typically chaired and attended by representatives whose particular talents and experience are well suited toward accomplishing the particular goals of the subcommittee.

Longer-term objectives for Task Force 13 center on publication of standards in electronic format, available at this site, and on maintaining them as construction practices and materials make future advances. Task Force 13 continues to promote the use of standards to increase the safety, reliability and effectiveness of bridge and road hardware on our national roadways.


TF13 Publications

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