Task Force 13 - Organizational Structure
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Organizational Structure

Task Force 13 organizational structure includes an Executive Committee.  The members of the Executive Committee, led by the Task Force 13 Officers, manage the business planning of the overall Task Force and ensure that the focus of the group is maintained to accomplish its mission and goals.  The Executive Committee coordinates and determines the locations for the Task Force meetings.  The officers are responsible for coordination of Task Force 13 business with outside organizations.


President/V.P. John Durkos
Road Systems, Inc.

Secretary: Greg Neece
Trinity Highway Products, LLC

Subcommittee Co-Chairs

Subcommittee #1 Co-Chairs Eric Lohrey Olaf Johnson
ECL Engineering, PLLC Webmaster
GuideManager@TF13.org Webmaster@TF13.org

Subcommittee #2 Co-Chairs Eric Smith Vacant
Gregory Industries, Inc.

Subcommittee #3 Co-Chairs Kurt Brauner Vacant
Louisiana DOTD

Subcommittee #4 Co-Chairs
This subcommittee has been sunsetted.

Subcommittee #5 Co-Chairs Eric Lohrey Scott Jollo
ECL Engineering, PLLC Oregon DOT
Eric@ECLengineering.com Scott.U.Jollo@odot.state.or.us

Subcommittee #6 Co-Chairs Jeff Shewmaker Eric Perry
Hill & Smith, Inc. ATSSA
jeff.shewmaker@hillandsmith.com Eric.Perry@atssa.com

Subcommittee #7 Co-Chairs Lance Bullard Karla Lechtenberg
Texas A&M Transportation Institute MwRSF
l-bullard@ttimail.tamu.edu kpolivka2@unl.edu

Subcommittee #8 Co-Chairs
This subcommittee has been sunsetted.

Subcommittee #9 Co-Chairs Rick Mauer Eric Perry
Gregory Industries, Inc. ATSSA
rmauer@gregorycorp.com Eric.Perry@atssa.com

Subcommittee #10 Co-Chairs
This subcommittee is currently on hold.

Subcommittee #11 Co-Chairs Paul Gentry Nathan Schulz
Florida DOT Texas A&M Transportation Institute
paul.gentry@dot.state.fl.us n-schulz@tti.tamu.edu

At-large Membership

The at-large membership of Task Force 13 is comprised of representatives from state and federal transportation departments, academia, crash testing laboratories, and industry.


TF13 Publications

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