Task Force 13 - Subcommittees
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Subcommittee #1 - Publications Maintenance

The mission of Subcommittee #1 - Publications Maintenance is to develop and promote a standard method of delivery and maintenance for Task Force 13 publications.  A long-term goal for this Subcommittee is obtaining AASHTO''s support in this process for all publications. The committee was formed in 2000. Considerations include:

      Promoting electronic formatting and delivery of publications
      Developing a standardized electronic document format for publications
      Encouraging links to applicable reference standards from the publications
      Ensuring that as technology advances publications will not become obsolete
      Supporting publication through this web site
      Identifying sources of funding for standards publication and maintenance
      Assisting in the review of publications prior to future updates


Eric Lohrey
ECL Engineering, PLLC

Olaf Johnson


TF13 Publications

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